Virtual Conference
Violeta Yordanova

Violeta Yordanova

MPHAT “Dr. Atanas Dafovski” Kardzhali, Bulgaria

Title: The Effect of COVID-19


In a brief summary we present a report of the results from rtPCR diagnostic tests of individuals with travel arrangements and border-crossing movement, and the importance of restrictive measures, diagnostic testing and travel limitations in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic during the summer months of 2020. rtPCR test results were a prerequisite for any planned trip and border crossing, therefore the collected data are cumulative and the statistics extremely helpful and necessary. Our Molecular Diagnostics Unit is licensed within the territory of Bulgaria. Our methods were strict protocols from the guidelines of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Bulgaria, the kits used were all CE, the overall concept in sync with the global regulations as from the CDC and the WHO. We demonstrated an increase in the number of infected randomly tested travelers during the summer months and thereafter, giving a glimpse of the magnitude of the pandemic that followed. We showed a total increase of infection from 12.5% in July to almost 56% for the month of November. The current report presents retrospective data and makes suggestions that are available to nations and applicable locally; it is of immense importance for the regions located near border-crossing points in a situation of pandemic of such magnitude without immediate access to vaccines or reliable treatment for the novel infectious disease outbreaks. Keywords: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, global pandemic, border-crossing restrictions.


Violeta Yordanova works at the County Hospital “Dr Atanas Dafovski” and during Covid pandemic was able to provide PCR testing for the hospital patients and broader population per requirement of local and national authorities. The testing was made possible, based on previous collaborative work and projects to help establish a Molecular Diagnostics unit in the hospital premises.