Virtual Conference
Ursula Milagros Vargas Gómez

Ursula Milagros Vargas Gómez

Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo EsSalud National Hospital, Peru

Title: The porcelain heart


Constrictive pericarditis is a rare, frequently disabling and potentially fatal disease. Pathophysiology involves obliteration of pericardial cavity by granulation tissue that may contract over time and get calcified, encasing the heat. Diagnosis is based on hemodynamic changes, pericardial thickening and right heart failure syndrome. Echocardiography has a main role in demonstrating constrictive pathophysiology and making the differential diagnosis with restricted miocardiopaty. Chest x-ray and CT scan are helpful in identify the existence of calcifications. If severe calcified adhesions between the peri- and epicardium or a general affection of epicardium are present, surgery carries a high risk of either incomplete success of severe myocardial damage.  We now report the case of a 37-year-old music teacher who presented with peripheral oedema, jaundice, abdominal swelling, and chest pain. 


Ursula Vargas is a 32-year-old cardiologist.  She lives Arequipa, one of the most important cities in Peru. She was recognized as “Academic Excellence” by “Católica de Santa María” University in 2016. She published her first clinical case report in 2018 at “RETIC” (Revista de ecocardiografia práctica y otras técnicas de imagen cardiaca). She works in “Majes” Central public hospital in Arequipa (governmental hospital).