Virtual Conference
Paula Andrea Cuartas

Paula Andrea Cuartas

Mayor Mederi University Hospital, Colombia

Title: Echocardiographic evaluation of secondary tricuspid regurgitation


The echocardiographic assessment of Post-infarction Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) requires learning and understanding multiple basic knowledge concepts of medical sciences such as embryology, anatomy, physiology, pathology and cardiology, in addition to in-depth knowledge of post-infarction VSD as a mechanical complication with pathophysiology, signs and specific symptoms, approach, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment. This knowledge will be integrated into the echocardiography knowledge as a diagnostic technique. Echocardiography will be the first-choice diagnostic technique for the initial approach, diagnosis, follow-up, and even treatment of patients who present with a post-infarction VSD. Performing a transthoracic echocardiogram to assess VSD requires the use of a systematic, organized echocardiographic assessment sequence aimed to avoiding the omission of information. This image acquisition sequence must include an adequate anatomical characterization of the defect by two-dimensional imaging and the use of multiple conventional and non-conventional echocardiography views. In addition to determining the hemodynamic impact of VSD on the patient's cardiovascular physiology, it will be evaluated with color and continuous Doppler. 

Finally, the information related to the ischemic event must be provided, such as alterations in contractility, valve function, ejection fraction, right cavities function. With all these necessary information, the Heart Team will have all the elements to make an adequate initial approach, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of patients who present with this type of mechanical complication. VSD currently it is not so frequent thanks to advances in hemodynamics but unfortunately, is associated with an unfavorable prognosis and high intra- and extra-hospital mortality rate.


Paula Andrea Cuartas Gonzalez is a nurse-cardiac sonographer and researcher, she completed her nurse and research studies in Colombia, her cardiac sonography training was completed in Colombia at LaCardio-IC (2012-2015) and Spain (2015-2016) at Spanish Society of Cardiology with Universidad Complutense of Madrid. 
She has worked in a cardiac sonography field since 2012 until 2023. Has extensive experience in performing transthoracic echocardiograms of low, medium and high complexity, mainly in the intensive care units- ICU of different clinics and hospitals in Bogota DC-Colombia such as: LaCardio-IC, Clínica La Nueva, Méderi-Hospital 

Universitario Mayor, Hospital Universitario- Clínica San Rafael.
According with her experience, training, and the constant supervision of a certified echocardiographer, she has had the opportunity to assess patients with multiple critical conditions in the ICU, including cardiac tamponade, ventricular support, immediate postoperative cardiovascular surgery, post-MI mechanical complications, cardiogenic shock, septic shock, covid-19 among others.
As a researcher, she has participated as a methodological and statistical adviser in various research projects in different areas of medical knowledge. As a Nurse- cardiac sonographer, she has participated as a speaker in symposia and congress of cardiology and cardiac sonographers in Colombia and has articles on cardiac sonography issues published in the RETIC journal.