Michael R. Sood

Michael R. Sood

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau, United States of America

Title: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Post-Covid 19 Era: A focus on the challenges of imaging for Myocarditis


Covid-19 or vaccine related myocarditis is a rare reported condition. However, there are significant challenges in regards to its diagnosis even if invasive diagnostic methods such as myocardial biopsy are warranted. 
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance is an advanced cardiac imaging modality that enables the heart to be imaged and has excellent spatial and temporal resolution. It is now considered the non-invasive gold standard for the diagnosis of myocarditis.  
In this lecture, I will present some of the data in covid and or vaccine related myocardial involvement, and illustrate the spectrum of involvement that can be shown in MR imaging.  We will also discuss many common challenges and pitfalls in the diagnosis of myocarditis and the ever so often crucial utility of MR imaging to delineate myocarditis from other myopathies. 


Michael R Sood is the Director of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance at Mount Sinai, South Nassau, NY, USA.