Ilaha Aghayeva

Ilaha Aghayeva

Military Scientific Research Institute of the National Defence University and Hospital of Ministery of Emergency Situations, Azerbaijan

Title: Prevalence of arterial hypertension in young military personnel and significance of proinflammatory factors values in early diagnosis of the disease


Arterial hypertension (AT) maintains its relevance as the main risk factor for the development of cardiovascular system diseases even in our modern times. In recent times, due to the special importance and attention shown to the military field and military personnel all over the world, we also paid more attention to the investigation of arterial hypertension in young military personnel and the detection of early predictive signs of the disease in our work.
The aim of our research work was to show the prevalence of hypertension in young soldiers with high blood pressure, early diagnosis, pre-assessment of existing risk factors and the predictive role of proinflammatory markers ( sortilin, alfa-TNF and ?L-6)  in the development of arterial hypertension.
Material and methods
1,300 military personnel aged between 25-45 serving in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved for the current scientific research work. During our study, a total of 120 patients from January 2019 to September 2021 were evaluated for inclusion in our prospective study. Patients were divided into 2 groups with diagnosis of hypertension (55 patients) and controls (65 healthy), all male. The diagnosis of hypertension (HT) was established by a patient's resting systolic blood pressure ?140 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure ?90 mmHg according to the AKC's 2018 Hypertension recommendations and a history of taking antihypertensive medications.
These results showed that the average prevalence of arterial hypertension in young soldiers aged 25-45 is 7.8%. Also, according to the ROC-curve, serum sortilin, which is a proinflammatory marker, was significantly higher in hypertensive military personnel. Serum sortilin values exceeding 1.75 ng/ml predicted hypertension with 76% sensitivity and 66% specificity (AUC=0.005 P) compared to the control group. We obtained similar results with other markers.
In our work, we have tried to show the importance of the predictive value of proinflmmatory markers which is a marker of hypertension prevalence and pro-inflammation, especially in young soldiers, in order to predetermine possible future high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases in servicemen with arterial hypertension, and to detect other accompanying risk factors early and in time.


Ilaha Aghayeva is a cardiologist of Medical Centre of Ministry of the Emergency Situations. MD, PHD of Military Scientific Research ?nstitute of the National Defense University. Member of European Society of Cardiology, Editorial member of ?nternational Young Cardiology Academy and head of the Hypertension team of Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology. She has over 50 publications in local and several medical journals and platforms (PubMed, Web of Science). Her publication h-index is 15. Orchid ?D-0000-0001-9945-5117; She has been serving as an editorial board member of several reputed journals. (ACTA-cardiology and etc.)

Scientific interest: improvement of diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases (invasive cardiology, cardiac imaging, coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemias and etc.)