National forum of Pharmacy Students
Pharmacy Student Cultural Welfare Society was established in 2017 . It is a National forum for Indian Pharmacy students' formerly known as 'NFPS'. The Forum has a mission to improve the academic standards to make the students professionally competent when they pass out with a degree of pharmacy to secure their rightful respectable place on par with other healthcare profession.

Media Partners

Clocate is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location.  Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's  website and more...
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Cightech is a private innovation center that is designed to open up new opportunities by generating novel ideas, to be a hub for associate partners who are professional in multidisciplinary fields, to give professional consultancy and to contribute in high-tech project management. Cightech is connected to number of academic professors and industrial experts worldwide. We actually, discover or create new high-tech ideas that can be achieved by suitable associate partners and generate new project proposals for investor absorption.
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World Conference Alerts
World conference alerts, is basically an online platform where you can get the details about the conferences, seminars, workshops and other related events.
Vydya health
Vydya Health: Find Providers, Products at Find providers from conventional, complementary and alternative care for professional help. Shop for wellness products at  Join fellow providers, showcase your practice on
JSB Conference
JSB Conference aims at bringing together the key players, building ideas, connections and actions for the community of experts from the leading industries. 
The focus primarily is to influence the future business and the market. 
As a digital bridge, JSB Conference associates as “Media Partners” and assures right audience to set the agenda. 

IHFA is a leading academic organization which engages in providing quality education and training programs related to health and fitness sciences in alliance with well renowned organizations worldwide
Athenaeum Scientific Publisher
Athenaeum Scientific Publishers is a scientific independent open access publisher which aims to publish innovative research by forming a link between research and practice which at the end acts as a benefit for the society. Our peer reviewed journals are specialized in various areas of medical science, healthcare and others. We are dedicated to publish quality research articles which create impact and ensure sustainability which in turn will create better future for an upcoming generation.
Journal of Clinical Medical Research
Journal of Clinical Medical Research is an international scientific open access journal, related to the field of medical and clinical studies. The journal is meant to supply the newest information to researchers and healthcare providers working within the sector of medical and clinical studies to enhance the health conditions of the affected people.
CN1699 open source, and has embedded a smart CRM which to meet the industry individual needs tailored for the medical and health industry, they work to supporting user manage all medical online trading platforms in one stop.
Macau International Medical Convention and Exhibition Exchange Association
The Macau International Medical Convention and Exhibition Exchange Association (MIMEEA), with its important governing body being CN1699, is a global medical promotion platform headquartered in Macau, China.
The service includes two parts: the digital library of medical literature, and the media cooperation of global medical exhibitions to serve the brand promotion of the medical industry.
We mainly collaborate with medical media, publishers, exhibitions, associations, hospitals, and universities. Our partners cover over 50 countries and collaborate to promote over 100 high-quality exhibitions worldwide every year. CN1699 works with well-known operators whose brands include Informa, InfoPlus, Fireworks, INDEX, etc.
MEDtube is a video-centric social eLearning platform for Healthcare Professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide (registration is required to benefit from all the website's peer-rewieved educational content and tools). In 2023 the library reached 25,000+ medical materials and the community exceeded 350,000+ professional subscribers
All Conference Alerts
All Conference Alert! Subscribe for timely updates on international conferences, workshops, and more. Our platform isn't just about upcoming conferences; it's also your comprehensive event promotion portal where you can list your conference easily. Benefit from free indexing and connect with a global audience at your fingertips. Discover a world of opportunities and enhance your career. Don't miss out. Empower your journey with All Conference Alert. Subscribe today!
Asian Manufacturer Journal
Asian Manufacturers Journal (AMJ), is an online trade magazine that reports mainly the products made by the manufacturers in Asia.  There are a total of 25 product categories. Our visitors are mostly manufacturers & buyers from Asian countries, active buyers and importers from North & South America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa.
Medhealth Outlook
Medhealth Outlook offers insights into the latest technologies and trends in the healthcare, pharma, and medical industries. Our publication provides a balanced perspective through an inside/outside approach, showcasing interviews, features, and stunning artwork. As your inspiring source for in-depth journalism covering the tech community powering the medical industries, we strive to present valuable insights in both print and online formats. Additionally, could you kindly provide information on any upcoming conferences scheduled for 2024? This will allow us to explore further collaboration for events that align with the interests of our audience and enhance their participation.

Enterprise Viewpoint
Enterprise Viewpoint (EV) creates high-quality content to improve businesses. Our platform offers unique insights and valuable networks to support the growth of young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Our special edition features stories of successful businesses and entrepreneurs transforming industries with meaningful solutions. We provide the latest trends, expert advice, and practical tips for business success in both print and digital formats. Trust EV to be your guide on the journey to success.
ICON Outlook
ICON Outlook Magazine is a hub for businesses around the world using technology to transform our world. Our seasoned researchers, analysts, and writers spot global trends and the latest tech marvels poised for disruption. As a team with the most powerful and futuristic vision, we cater to the largest community of tech buyers, users, and enthusiasts around the globe. We demystify the industry space, enabling businesses to modernize and grow by creating their own niche of innovation.