Vladimir A. Mikhaylov

Vladimir A. Mikhaylov

Eternity Medicine Institute, Russia


Vladimir A. Mikhaylov - 1988 received Ph.D. - Formation dublical anastomosis in
surgery of intestinum and pancreas.
1994 – Received Sci.D. - Use of low- level of laser radiation in treatment of
oncology diseases.
1996 – Selected by the member International Advisory Board (1 st . Congress of the
WALT in Jerusalem, Israel).
1998 – Selected the Representative of the WALT in Russia and East Europe (the
2nd. Congress of WALT, USA).
1999 – Selected in Board of directors (EMLA), direction – oncology and angiology
(Vienna, Austria). He is a member of editorial board of the “Laser Therapy”.
In 2018 – selected as member of editorial board of the “Journal cardiovascular
disease and Medicine”. He has been recognize as an International Medical Laser
Specialist at class: Hon-IMeLas, Congress ISLSM, WFSLMS, Tokyo, 2009.
Dr. V.A. Mikhaylov was President of the VIII th Congress of EMLA.
He has received a Prof. Ming-Chien Kao AWARD. Dr. Vladimir A. Mikhaylov
serves on Chairman, Invited speaker, the member of International Scientific
Committee of multiple laser Conference and Congresses.
He was Moderator on “Global Conference on Cardiology (May 13-14, 2019,
Rome, Italy). He has published over 30 peer-reviewed articles.

Research Interest

Intravenous laser blood irradiation for treating cardiological diseases, Infrared laser irradiation for threating oncological diseases